Note: This set of materials includes pictures and documents relating to Theodora F. Scott's funeral, which occurred Friday, November 30, 2007 at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Mobile, AL. These documents are placed here to allow others to share them and to keep alive the things she tried to teach us all, and how she loved many people and was special to them.

Table of Contents for Theodora Ferniany "Miss T" Scott's Website - Modified 1/28/2008

  1. Mobile Press Register Obituary for T. Scott, Nov. 27, 2007

  2. The Funeral Program for Miss T
  3. Miss T's own self-written eulogy - an amazing document
  4. Our son Thom's Eulogy for his Mother
  5. Miss T's "Prayer for a Happy Death" -- from St. Vincent Ferrar (1350 - 1419)

  6. Miss T's 2006 letter to her husband, Jerry
  7. Jerry's 2006 letter to his wife, Miss T

  8. Miss T's Last Ever letter to Jerry: September, 2007
  9. Jerry's last Letter Ever to Miss T: Mother's Day, 2007

  10. "Miss T on the Internet" -- 58 pages of emails in November/December 2007: Last Modified 1/28/2008

  11. Family and Funeral Pictures for Miss T - Modified 12/29/2007
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