Note: This set of articles was prepared in 2006 by Thomas Jerry Scott to supplement his Computer Security classes. Most of these documents have been edited to fit into a common format. Each of the these documents provides background informaiton on PKI. This entire set of entries is devoted to the PKCS standards first initiated by RSA to build and promote a public key architecture to enable secure transactions on networks. Hopefully, reading through these documents will help you understand many of the concepts and standards behind them for Internet based PKI systems.

Table of Contents for the RSA PKCS -- Early PKI Standards

  1. Overview of What Each PKCS Standard Defines
  2. Historical overview of the PKCS Standards from Verisign

  3. PKCS-1: RSA Cryptography Standard
  4. PKCS-2: No Longer Active, Incorporated into PKCS # 1 now
  5. PKCS-3: Diffie Helman Key Agreement Standard

  6. PKCS-4: No Longer Active, Incorporated into PKCS # 1 now
  7. PKCS-5: Password-Based Cryptography Standard
  8. PKCS-6: Extended-Certificate Syntax Standard
  9. PKCS-7: Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard
  10. PKCS-8: Private-Key Information Syntax Standard
  11. PKCS-9: Selected Object Classes and Attribute Types
  12. PKCS-10: Certification Request Syntax Standard
  13. PKCS-11: Cryptography Token Interface Standard

  14. PKCS-12 -- Personal Information Exchange Syntax
  15. PKCS-13: Elliptic Curve Cryptography -- Still Under Development
  16. PKCS-14: PseudoRandom Number Generation -- Current Development Efforts
  17. PKCS-15: Cryptographic Token Information Syntax Standard

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