Doctor J's Personal Materials -- Last Updated on December, 23, 2008

  1. Doctor J and Miss "T": A Short History
  2. "T" and Jerry's Culinary Journey, 2002 Our family cookbook
  3. Miss "T"s Own Self Written Eulogy -- Nov. 30, 2007
  4. An Ancestral Family Feud from 1891
  5. Scott Christmas Family Slide Show, 2007

  6. Thomas Jerry Scott's Learning Tree Schedule

  7. Some Katrina Pictures
  8. Enjoy the Unbelievable Slide Show -- Things aren't what they seem
  9. Some Beautiful Photographic Images
  10. Some Fantastic Photography -- these guys are really good
  11. Beautiful Slide Show with a Message

  12. A Brain Teaser for You
  13. What Kind of Dog Would You Be?
  14. An Interesting Guessing Game
  15. An Color/Number Guessing Game
  16. Can You Move the Frogs Over?

  17. An Amazing QuickChange Magic Show -- Only works with Internet Explorer
  18. A Farewell Letter from a Genius -- with great pictures
  19. Who Said Dogs Can't Talk?
  20. The Big Picture
  21. Thirty-One Names for God
  22. An Interview with God
  23. Enjoy The Elements

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